Tuesday, March 4, 2008

watch out gail, they're sharp!

In honour of our mutual obsession with Sharpie pens (a rapidly growing trend, I'm afraid), I'm posting a picture of all the Sharpies I can find in my house. Mind you, there are more, in the recesses of my purse, and in my car, various pockets, etc., but I hoped this picture would bring a smile to your face.

Surely it will heighten your sense of delight to know that the fine-tips are kept in a Starbucks mug B got for me a couple years ago. A proud monument indeed.

Enjoy, friend!


Pamela said...

My love for sharpies will be fulfilled completely when they make retractable fine tips.

I have to admit that I do not usually re-use the regular sharpies once the sweet tip has been mushed.

I love the smell of them, too.

Cheyenne said...

in high school, wherein i was the *beacon* of fashion, i used to wear a black ultra-fine tip on the collar of my t-shirts. everyday.

i know i will regret sharing that.

Brandy Kinch said...

I know that is just a fraction of your collection :) Great mug!

gail said...

love it!

Sam said...

Sharpies are awesome! I drool over them at the store often.

I'm coveting yours now, Chey.

mamakendra said...

ohhh, i have a bunch too...i especially love the fine tip ones! a few years ago i found out that they leak through paper though, so hey are just sitting and looking quiet rainbowish on my supply shelf.