Monday, May 31, 2010

end of ze world

Forwarded by Quinn:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

her derby name is purr-suasion:

Rolling out of the mall on her new skates, into the parking lot, on the phone. Being dangerous runs in our blood.

Monday, May 24, 2010

a ballot in the wrong hand is worth two lost to bush

My cousins Joseph and Jacob are being deployed to Afghanistan. I talked to Jacob last night. I didn't even know he'd enlisted. Ground Infantry. June 1st. Two of four brothers, my favourite cousins, my babies before I had babies. I was always carrying at least three of them, and Todd picked up the slack. I can still see their baby faces. I am sad, and scared. They joined for more money for college. They're both wicked smart. And they'd better stay wicked safe.

Jacob (L) and Joseph (R):

I used to hold him and kiss him to sleep before he was even one, when he called himself "Jofus":

Thanks Bush. Why didn't you send your kids? I'd admonish you to join but you would fail the ASVAB you (@*$*$&%%(*^#.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

goodbye old paint

Quinn and Reilly, along with several friends old and new, have been taking an art class since last year, and Sunday all their work went on display at the UU. (Where the classes, though independent, have been held.) My kids were not exactly skipping-to-the-lou to the show, but I made them attend because I spent six hours hanging 7,000 paintings while standing on banquet tables and stretching with all my might, and I will not be denied my pictures.

The display. Cost: Two Darvocet. (You stand on a table hanging twine and tying every picture and making them straight for six hours, lol.)

Pictures from the Tulip Festival:

Reilly, in a little-bit-too-big shirt, eager to get back to the throng:

Quinn, equally jubilant, set to split to Israel's house. His jellyfish and butterfly were amazing, but are too hard to see:

Allegra (Allegra!), Danielle, Reilly, and Sophia, as always:


Todd and the kids. Possibly the last picture we will snap before Todd looks up to our boy. (Note: My kids are one year apart. Isn't that insane?):

This is the best part. I've been looking for a print to go on the oddly-square-shaped wall of our kitchen, to no avail. Then when we brought their art home, I decided to see if they would fit, and voila! This makes me happy:

Great experience. Great show. Great kids. They had to learn to adapt to all manners of alternating media and instructions, such as painting upside-down, or in 20 seconds, or with only two colours or painting only half your sketch. This was a challenge to those with a perfectionist bent, but a really valuable process for sure.

Monday, May 10, 2010

midnight mothers day

My kids know many things. One thing is that I am vehemently opposed to purchasing commercial greeting cards, when avoidable. Especially for kids. Another thing they know is that there is no sense whatsoever in presenting me with a Mothers Day cake when I wake up, when they can bring it to me at 12:01am. They are geniuses.

This was my cake. (The frosting was actually purple, not grey, fyi.):

Suck it Hallmark:

If I had a nickel for every time Reilly gushed such sentiments, I'd have a buck. I love this:

I never thought I'd love anything more than cake, especially since I hate Salad Fingers more than life itself and will never forgive my kids for showing it to me, but I laughed for 30 minutes. I didn't even see the pouch with $5.00 "for coffee" because I was cry-laughing at Quinn's horrible, perfect, thready, agonizing, shaky Salad letters. He mimics this so well I sometimes kiss him and sometimes ground him.

Love you guys the most. Thank you. xoxo

Thursday, May 6, 2010

the verdict is in

It was more of a bench trial, as I settled on this 13 years ago, but it is with great pride and excitement that I finally get to announce that we have decided to go with: