Sunday, March 2, 2008

my purse-nality

When I was a kid, I once saw an episode of Leave it to Beaver wherein The Beave emptied his pockets, and after amassing quite a heap of this and that, he finally pulled out a tennis racket. I knew this was impossible.

Or was it?

Yesterday as I was skulking about Borders, I began to wonder why my purse weighs fifteen pounds, so I decided to go excavating to find out just how many anvils were in there. Mind you, my purse isn't very big, so I was more than a little surprised to discover the following.:

A copy of The Secret Garden--because all the co-op moms are reading it to their kids

A pair of clean underwear. ???

Notes for a blog idea I got while driving

a four-foot ethernet cable, but of course

two wallets--one that I use, and the one I need to move everything into

two pill bottles (I'm crazy, remember?)

an undelivered greeting card, in pristine condition, though it's a moot point

the iPod with the pink arm band

a protein bar with a shopping list stuck to it

Wet Wipes--don't leave home without them

three pens

two kinds of lip balm

two more protein bars

my checkbook

an Always pad factory,

notes from a therapy appointment, stuck to one of the pads

my phone

and the requisite padlock hanging off my purse strap

aerial view:

the whole shebang (note padlock):

Sadly, I put it all right back in.


Sam said...

Whatever size purse we carry, we fill it right up to the top! I've recently cleaned mine out and am trying to keep it to a minimum. But then I'm always needing something I don't have. Ugh.

And V finished The Secret Garden! So, we no longer tote our copy around. :)

Chey said...

yeah, you've thinned yours out by way of passing that wallet onto *me* lol!

i'm not nearly as good a mother as you all, so i'll be hauling a veritable library for...ever.

Adam said...

No purse experience, but I have a full backpack that I carry around and a wallet chock full of everything except cash (I think they wrote a Seinfeld episode about my wallet).

Sam said...

Oh, we're still hauling books, don't get me wrong! Just not that particular one!

I was drooling over a new purse at Fred's today. I got away clean though. I didn't buy it! Aren't you proud?


gail said...

i spy a purple sharpie too! i know it wasn't in the purse, but you may want to add it to the jumble. why the padlock exactly? i'd say it looked very organized, considering ;)

Brandy Kinch said...

The padlock is for locking the purse up at the gym ;) Thanks for the post workout protein bar, Chey!

mental chatter said...

Only you would have a purse full of stuff that is so nicely organized and pretty to look at. Someday I'll be as tidy as you. Someday.....

mental chatter said...

oh, sorry, mental chatter is The Bajpai