Tuesday, March 4, 2008

good-bye, ruby tuesday...check

Sometimes even a serial over-scheduler outdoes herself, and today is one of those days. I say is because, well, there are many ways in which to interpret 'is,' as we learned from President Clinton, but I used it because my days is still in progress. My Tuesday looks like this.:

Wake up early and not resent everything

Clean my house, including hanging 4,500 of my wet garments so they don't shrink.

Get kids up and ready without yelling.

Post a blog for Gail.

Answer four urgent emails, despite running late.

Straighten my hair (talk about tedium).

Drop the kids off with my mom, after mediating the fight over the BACK SEAT!?!?!?!

Go to the dentist for a cleaning; force them to reiterate how beautiful my teeth are.

Pick up my gym clothes.

Buy .7 cents worth of son-of-a-bitchin' gas.

Hit Old Navy in search of more of a certain kind of elusive socks for Quinn.

Drop in to B's to rifle around for some grub.

Rendezvous with my FANTABULOUS psychiatrist; confirm that I am still crazy.

Return to B's to wait for (K).

Write this blog.

Have dinner with (K), and hopefully drinks.

Have tea with Megan at Starbucks, DON'T FORGET MORE COFFEE GROUNDS for B's garden.

Drop off B's dad's birthday gift in NE Salem.

Hit the gym with B, work our guts out.

Drive B home.

Call Todd to tell him to let the kids stay up so they remember who I am.

Come home and kiss them until they push me away.

Read chapters 3 and 4 to them.

By then it will be sunrise and we'll have Wednesday's list to contend with.


gail said...

sounds like a normal day to me. glad i'm on your list :)

gabrielle said...

i love a good list. reminds me of a fantastic 'kids in the hall' sketch:


mamakendra said...

Wow, you have a nanny? And get to go to the spa, shopping, eat, sip tea & drink drinks w/out kids!!! Geez, maybe that is why I am so depressed, I love my 4 kids, but I am with them almost 24/7...NO JOKE. I wanna go eat out, shopping, etc...or do I? Oh well...nice to have a fun day such as that once in a while!

Cheyenne said...

nanny? ha! i have both grandmas living blocks away, which is a tremendous help except that they are spoiled by the grandmas, and i have to struggle to maintain our rules.

but i am thankful for the help for sure.

but what's a spa?