Tuesday, March 18, 2008

emoticons, check!

This morning I was starting a list of things to discuss with my psychiatrist later, and the first thing I jotted down was that I didn't get my labs done. I instinctively put a frowny face next to this, for I am chagrined to have forgotten. The funny part, though, is that I put the frown sideways, the way it appears when one is typing. I think I may need to talk to him about my excessive computer use as well. :)


gabrielle said...

computer & texting usage!

but i just want to comment to say YAYAYAYAY! for seeing your handwriting, and listmaking. makes me giddy.

gail said...

funny! he better not say less computer use is in order....then i'd say :(

Cheyenne said...

i resisted the urge to make a thousand apologies for my atrocious handwriting--i was stuck with a wide mushy bic pen rather than a smooth delicious sharpie. anyway, i wanted to rewrite it but had to keep it real.

gab--i think we need to have a list-off. or maybe be list pen pals.

Adam said...

I love it!

I'm glad that your a solid opponent of textese, though, lest bad spelling and grammar also creep through into your handwriting.

Sam said...

That's awesome!


gabrielle said...

1. you're on for the list-off
2. or even the list penpals
3. but what's our first assignment?

Cheyenne said...

how about saving/exchanging all the various lists we write in a week? but what to do about the crossing-off?