Tuesday, March 11, 2008

bad boy bands 101 (isn't that redundant?)

Quinn and Reilly are way into You Tube. They've seen every crazy cat dancing to Old Time Rock and Roll, as well as every tactical Halo scenario played out a hundred times over. So as You Tube was left open today, following our most cacophonous and eclectic music fest at breakfast, I slid into the deejay chair and grabbed the kids for a jaunt down memory lane.

Inspired by Quinn's fondness for George Michael's Faith, I also put them through:

You've Got it (the Right Stuff)--New Kids on the Block
Step by Step--New Kids on the Block
Girl You Know it's True--Milli Vanilli

It was pretty much mutiny by this point. They had lost all faith in me, pardon the pun. Sure, yesterday Quinn was having a regular ho-down to John Denver's "Thank God I'm a Country Boy," (his very first favorite song, age 1) but he was so afraid of Milli Vanilli's shoulder pads he almost called 911. They denounced all the lyrics, dance moves, and "costumes," and accused everyone of lip-syncing. They were decidedly underwhelmed. But I made the most out of our time travel, and counted this and our subsequent dialog as our music and/or history for the day, which I think is ingenious thank you.


mental chatter said...

Ahhhhh, Memory Lane! You are such a good mom to make sure your kids have a well-rounded experience with music - the good, the bad and the ugly. "Girl you know it's true" reminds me of my first month at U of O. I went on a date with Peter and he took me to a dance club. That song came on and he started grinding on me. When it came to the "Ooh, ooh, ooh, I love you" part of the song, he violently thrusted his hips into my pelvis to the beat of every "ooh". He ended up making out with some guy and some other girl. No loss there! :)

Sam said...

You know, I wonder at times if my inability to remember song or artist names is a really a blessing.


B Kinch said...

Hold On, I have to side with the Fitz kids here. While Faith deserves Straight Up to burn on in Eternal Flame, or at least go out in A Blaze of Glory, it was The End of the Road for New Kids and Milli Vanilli. Nothing Compares 2 U using that Poison as a history lesson. It's time to Rush Rush back to the ancients and learn how to Walk Like an Egyptian. I don't mean to sound Cold Hearted but I can just imagine Reilly giving you The Look as you gave those tunes One More Try.