Friday, February 29, 2008

we're fraternal

We've had lots of fun in the past with celebrity look-alike posts, so I thought I'd offer up mine.

Now, the picture I took with my phone of a National Enquirer cover last month was too distorted to use in the blog, so I was forced to scour the internet for images that will confirm my twindom with Kirstie Alley. Mind you, I only resemble her when she weighs 260+ pounds. When she's thin she is quite beautiful. And I definitely don't fancy myself having her kick-ass hairline. But there is an undeniable similarity when she's heavy.

See for yourself.:

this one captures my ever-present scowl

this could be either of us


M said...

Seriously!? You must have that body dysmorphic disorder that I heard about on 20/20/Dateline/every teen magazine.

Even Shawn commented recently that your new MySpace pictures have been very flattering.

BTW, sorry for not commenting earlier. Just because I don't comment doesn't mean I don't care :)

Beatdown said...

You do NOT look like her. *shudder*

Brandy Kinch said...

Gimme a break. NO ONE, and I mean no one thinks you look like her. Gimme a break. Just wait until your Gail gets a-hold of this.

Sam said...

You MUST be joking!

Stop it. It's not flattering to put yourself down!

(I know, I know. Take my own advice...)

Brandy Kinch said...

Actually, I'm so disturbed that I'm emailing the link to your therapist.

gail said...

what? are you freakin' kidding me? not even close, not at all. but i really hope this posting 'look alike' photos is not some trend...someone once told me i look like laura from little house on the prarie - 1/2 pint!

knightowl said...

No way,, Jo...the only similarity was maybe the scowl, but hers is wimpy...

All I can really say is, gee, and we thought WE had bad necks.