Friday, February 1, 2008


Turns out our humble little house party was just a cover. Tonight was electrifying. Granted, we weren't exactly turning people away at the door, and our donations won't make any headlines, but I can feel the inspiration in the marrow of my bones, and I have never said that in all my years as a voter.

I've known for weeks that I'd be bidding adieu to John Edwards, and was fully prepared to shift my support to Obama, but in preparing for this party, listening to our guests, and re-watching some kick-ass speeches online, I have been infused with a fervor that almost defies description. You see, I am a half-hearted Democrat who believes that the system, justice, even the voting process, are all so corrupt as to belie the freedom we hold so dear. I think even the good politicians are crooked, that the ones who might actually make a difference die in small plane crashes, and I have serious doubts as to many of events we are taught as historical fact. I think we're in it pretty deep, and it's going to take a lot more than some shiny Democrat to muck us out. So you could say I have a pretty thick crust of apathy around my heart these days, and that is what I brought to the table tonight.

We on the left have some serious barriers to contend with if we're going to conquer what has become our collective voice of cynicism. The media's for sale, the voting is rigged, the good guys aren't much better than the bad guys, everyone's in it for the oil, and so on. Enter Barack Obama. While I applaud Hillary Clinton's global strategizing, I am moved almost to tears by a man who has a plan to strengthen the bodies, minds, and homes of every American, so that before long, we are the voice of power, not the elites, that we may see a restoration of the America that once was. His focus is on building up our rapidly deteriorating country one inner-city street at a time, and giving voices back to those of us left reeling and empty by the haves.

Ordinarily I would hesitate to say this because I try not to lose credibility by the gallon when I can help it, but I believe Obama's words. I believe that he is about more than a platform, and I can honestly see him rolling up his sleeves to fight for what he's promising. He's not being compared to and endorsed by the Kennedys for nothing. This guy's the real deal, and I encourage everyone whose apathy has paralyzed them to take a gander here.

Read it. Repeat it. To anyone who will listen. Thanks.


Brandy Kinch said...

You said exactly what I meant, and with so much more eloquence. Thank you for all your help and enthusiasm! I can't wait until we can do it again :)

knightowl said...

You are so much more right than you know.

Representing the older 60's generation at the meeting last night, let me tell you that I have not seen or felt this undercurrent of people power since long before Watergate.

The murder of Martin Luther King and the Kennedy brothers broke something in our America-the greedy remorseless devil's minions surrounding Nixon, (Cheney, the Bushes, Rumsfeldt, Wolfowitz and countless wizened advisors of a compassionless 'globalization' like Irving Krystal, etc.) who gleefully swept up the pieces of our hearts and our Earth's resources while we the people scurried around trying to survive their economic policies forced down our choking throats by the puppet Reagan with his Stepford-faced wife and fractured brain. Of course all this led to this vile and humiliating regime of the cruel and inbred little monarchy - this monkey child of Barbara Bush, she and all the robber baron forebears who represent what will happen when even the hearts of women grow cold.

Many of us were doing whatever we could to keep alive a little pilot light of hope, even through the awful and suspicious loss of Paul Wellstone. All of a sudden your generation has ignited this flame!

You, our young, are right to drag us to Obama's speeches, even as Caroline Kennedy admits. Watching the passion of your faces and hearing the hope and power in your voices is the beginning of the miracle of healing we'd almost forgotten we were waiting for. Thank you, thank you.

Peace, Love, HOPE


Chey said...

i am still awe-struck that such a small group could rekindle even an ember of that old passion, and i am eternally grateful for the life, the voice, and the spirit you gave me.


knightowl said...

Sweet comment, but you came into this world with your own amazing spirit, which nothing can deter.
But ok, I do acknowledge the giving birth to your life part.

Pretty easy birth,, born with such wisdom in your eyes.

THE PHONES said...

Wonderful post. I too feel deeply emotional about Barack. The video makes me cry and tonight when one of the cars passed by a woman mouthed "Yes we can," and I could feel the tears welling up. My dad is a staunch cynical republican and is going to vote for Barack and if he can feel inspired by Barack ANYONE can. It feels like such an amazing time right now. The time is right. The time is perfect. I believe in the law of attraction and so from this day forward...he is going to win, he is coming to help, yes he can and yes we can!

Chey said...

i'm down with that!