Monday, February 18, 2008

it's not rocket science

I've just been demoted from Master Multi-tasker Extraordinaire to Mediocre Mama. And that's being generous.

We missed the homeschool science showcase today, because I thought it was on Saturday. I just saw an email from the coordinator inviting everyone out to the Gilbert House to enjoy the exhibit today, and she did note that they were light on entries. Of course they were, because B and I both got the date wrong, so they were four displays short.

My kids are so disappointed. I don't normally get my dates confused, so they were wholly unprepared for a bombshell like this.


But, true to form, B has already formulated a brilliant alternative plan, in the scant six minutes since we learned of our mistake. Nonetheless, we feel awful for our friend, the coordinator, who has always been able to count on us, and was left in the lurch today.

I kind of want to fall apart, because I am so unaccustomed to failure where time management is concerned. I'm used to calling my friends and family to remind them about their various dentist/hair/therapy appointments, so dropping the ball on a major event for my kids feels like I've been punched in the stomach.

Not to worry, we'll make it up to them. My kids are already eager to get to work on the new plan, so maybe I won't have to be stripped of all my mama medals (not that I've earned that many)...But it is worth mentioning that perhaps we should tattoo the date on our faces, just in case.


Brandy Kinch said...

I'm so sorry, guys. It was totally my fault. :(

Chey said...

pish posh my dear.

i am in charge of my own life, and could have double-checked at any point.

our make-up day is going to kick ass!


gail said...

sorry i'll miss the make-up day...i'm sure i would've enjoyed it much more than the jam-packed display room at ac's last year :)

Chey said...

what do you mean you're not coming?