Friday, February 22, 2008

bowing out

So it turns out I'm not of the blogging ilk. You don't have to act surprised. I've seen real blogs, in fact there are scores of blogs I enjoy daily, and mine is by far the runt, and perhaps handicapped to boot.

It's not enough to be verbose. I am reminded everyday, many times, that my writing is sub-par, and let me just be frank.: Trying to write after reading one of Adam's essays is like having to heat up fish sticks the night after Wolfgang Puck cooked you dinner. I also lack the technical prowess to keep my blog groomed and show-worthy like the others I admire. While some blogs feature type and pictures in coordinating colors, mine offers a scheme-less array of mismatched imagery that I may have picked up at a yard sale.

If blogs were lawns, mine would have plywood stacked atop cinder blocks, a broken-down Chevy Nova, and maybe that wet couch I lifted from B's neighbor. It really lacks an aesthetic, and that fact assaults me every time I log in.

Furthermore, I am always simultaneously winded trying to keep up, and acutely aware that my prolificacy, or lack thereof, is wholly irrelevant.

Since I can't afford to have my blog landscaped, and since having someone write for me defeats the whole purpose (and since the two people I would hire already have beautiful, shiny, well-written blogs of their own), I'm letting it go to seed. Maybe a thousand years from now when my life is my own and I can learn me some technological skills, or maybe when Adam's laptop breaks and the bar isn't so goddamned high, I will try again. But for now, I'm tapping out.


Brandy Kinch said...

Low self esteem is SO 2007.You are making everyone feel like quitting and that sucks. You better publish this comment or I will be even madder.

Adam said...

Whoa! Hey! Downright mean of you to pin that shit on me! :^S

Don't quit. Blog when you want to, and don't give a flying fuck about what other people are doing.

However, I'm compelled to note that I don't think there's a damn thing wrong with your blog. It looks great, and I love your writing... People tell me my blog is really confusing with several different pages and weird WordPress formatting.

But if you really believe my blog is vastly superior, try this perspective on for size... Blogging is considered one of the more pathetic activities of our time... If I'm, as you suggest, REALLY GOOD at it, so what? It's not such a flattering talent, is it? You can take pride that you're way too cool to blog spectacularly.

Brandy Kinch said...

Also have you stopped to consider Jacob, in all this madness? How is *he* going to feel?

gail said...
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gail said...

sorry, my last comment just felt too much like a rant. whatever you need to do, but i'll miss your blogging so much!

Sam said...

Oh, my gosh. You're never allowed to visit my blog again, if you think your blog is awful.

Mine is pathetic.

We just have to do what we can and live with it. (Now if only I would actually believe that.)