Thursday, February 7, 2008

the oh reilly factor

While watching some riveting campaign videos online tonight, my daughter Reilly started asking me some questions about the candidates, and this begat a rather lengthy discussion about politics in general, including the differences between Republicans and Democrats, the war in Iraq, September 11th, oil, delegates, and more.

As I became impassioned about our current president, and what a disaster he has been, Reilly interjected coolly, "And let's not forget about Cheney..." This was no lucky guess for her. Reilly is an extremely active wildlife advocate, and she knows that the animals are in danger specifically because of the Bush/Cheney monster. She got a terribly upsetting email all about it a few months ago, and literally gives every dollar we allow her to give to save those animals. It was important to her that I not prance about my soapbox without naming all the names.

Later, as I tried to paint a picture of the exciting time we're in with the election, and how it all works (minus the mind-numbing super delegates), and how either Democrat will serve us well, and why I care so much, Rei asked me, "George Bush can only be President twice right?" I nodded. Then she added, "Is it possible for him to sneak in and become President again? Is there any way he would be able to do that?" Honestly, I wasn't sure what to tell her. I talk to my kids truthfully, but I'm in no hurry for them to become conspiracy theorists. I figure that will happen in due time, if they use their eyes and ears on any sort of regular basis. So I told Rei that it would not be possible for George Bush to sneak in and be President again. She seemed pleased.

I just hope I'm right...


gail said...

save the animals! i love it :) what a great conversation to have with your daughter...keep developing that wonderful mind. how many public school kids do you think are thinking politics at age 7? ;)

Anonymous said...

Let's be thankful House Joint Resolution 24 seems to have faded into oblivion.

Brandy Kinch said...

Rei's heart for animals always just melts me. What a good girl. Also, I've been meaning to check out Clinton and Obama's plans for Alaskan drilling. Tell her I said thanks for the reminder and I'll email her my findings.

Sam said...

There's no way I could even begin explaining political issues to Victoria.

Hey, why don't you hs my kids for me?


In all seriousness, "Good job, Mom!"