Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I'm fairly accustomed to being a decade or so behind the times technologically speaking, always in awe of things like iPhones and needing Quinn and Reilly to help me figure out why You Tube is a stupid bi-polar bitch. Anyway, I love iTunes, and dig making hella compilations for myself and others, but my disk sleeve thing that hangs on my visor weighs like 749 lbs. right now and I still find myself nearly crashing off the road multiple times a day fishing for that one song...

Cut to me noticing that everyone I know uses his or her iPod in their car, and me feeling bewildered and jealous. I asked some pros at Fred Meyer, and some other people I know and they all said I need an "FM..." and then I couldn't hear anymore. I became Charlie Brown and they were all adults, "Mwa mwa mwa." So I plodded on in my rapidly outdated music ritual, with 35 disks falling onto the floorboard every time I reached for one.

The other day I went to Debe's, and she threw this javelin thing at my head, "Here bitch. Now you can use your iPod in the car." Okay. a) I am notoriously bad at receiving gifts, feeling a flood of gratitude but also embarrassment, and b) I had no idea what the fuck this was nor how to thank her for it. It was technological after all. But when I realized it eons later I was so elated all I could do was call her names and start whining for them to install it because hell if I know how to do that shit.

A few days later a friend got it all going, and despite not being able to find a radio frequency divisible by five, there are no words to describe how excited I am to have all 4,000 songs at my fingertips all the time, and how I can toss my compilations into the wind.

It's starting to get easier to accept random gift from friends, but I may need a bit more practice. :)

Thanks jerkface and Kris.


debe said...


the charlie brown part made me laugh so hard i puked tang. or maybe i puked because i'm drinking tang? either way quit being so fucking funny. and you're welcome. selfish.

debe said...

Also, it should be iHateful.

Mesina said...

haha, love it! Oh look it says Griffin!! :D xx

gail said...

great post...if you're behind the times, i'm aeons behind you. my niece asked, why does your car have a cassette player? yep, cassettes.


found you from mesina's place

i don't have an iphone or an ipod or an i anything

i'm lucky to be able to operate a cell phone