Tuesday, September 8, 2009

better l8...

Last week when the sky was black with grief, I stopped by Jennifer's, as she was giving me something for Debe and Kris. As I drove away she said "And there's your belated birthday card!" I opened this ridiculous 8, and as I read it, I laughed so hard I started to turn left onto Commercial from Barnes = death. I loved the contrast between her keen awareness of my love for rainbows mixed with the whimsy of the 8, and the little jab to my OCD with the dreaded textese.

Jennifer, you are the gr8est. Thank u. Hope to c u soon. (Ouch ouch ouch!)


Mesina said...

:O That card rocks!!

And omg she totally noticed that 32 wasn't divisble by 5. SO COOL!! ♥

Hennifer said...

I'm cringing a little at the visual image of my handwriting, at least it is in Sharpie