Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This is Debe. You may have met her. But probably not. She is pretty shy, so it's likely you don't know that she is the funniest human being alive. She texted me this picture two weeks ago Sunday after a day that kicked my ass right to the ground, and I could scarcely look at my phone. She included a really resonant quote as well, our first non-sarcastic text.

Behind the anonymity of black and all the tattoos is a woman who is all heart (and thankfully, all mouth too).

Today she is enduring the unconscionable agony of delivering the baby she lost scant hours after sending me this picture. Friend, I would give anything to do this for you, and even those words are woefully insufficient. You are incredible, you are loved, and we will laugh again.

I know you'd kick my ass if I said I loved you, so: I love you jerkface.


Mesina said...

I'm in tears!

Aw Cheyenne, not only was that so beautiful but seeing Debe's face just made it so much more real for me. This woman has touched me in a way I cannot quite explain, and seeing her just makes my heart ache.

You two look great in the pics. Love you ♥

debe said...

aw, shit. i love you too, especially when you fall off my bed then kick my ass at arm wrestling 5 seconds later. you are the best and i am so thankful to have met you. even though you're hateful. and unsafe.


Susannah said...

You are both in my thoughts. <3