Friday, January 25, 2008

to bean or not to bean

There is no way to euphamize this, I am a Starbucks devotee. If I had the time, I might flit through airports in a green robe banging a tambourine to spread the good news. (I can borrow this description because my dearest auntie is a hare krishna devotee, and she wouldn't mind.) The moment I toss my beautifully-labeled cup into the garbage, I become envious of anyone who has one, even if I am no longer in the mood for coffee, to the extend that I have almost entertained the thought of carrying my empty cup, like Linus with his blanket. Almost. But come one. Who does that?

As a measure of my addiction to their coffee, which I concede isn't even the best I've ever had, I will confess that I own a very nice Krups espresso maker, as well as a regular coffee maker, and every morning, I pretend not to see them, the way a senior in high school pretends not to notice passing freshmen, and I begin to plot a way to get a Starbucks coffee instead. My greatest obstacle is that, while I only live a mile from the nearest drive-thru, I refuse to leave my seven and nine year olds alone while I make the run, whether they are sleeping or awake. The law says that because Quinn is nine, I can leave him in charge of his sibling for up to an hour, a fact of which he is keenly aware and desperate to try. But I am just not ready. We live in town, northeast to be exact, and my mind can't help but conjure up all sorts of hazards that might arise in that fifteen minutes. But, my kids sleep in quite a bit longer than I, so if I let them sleep, I am forced to wait an eternity to get my fix. So I crash around in the mornings biding my time until they wake up. My friends think I am absurd and ought to make the run while they're asleep, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Can you see my dilemma?

Fortunately I think we're on the verge of a breakthrough. The kids have been staying up way too late, and now that we've moved them to their new bunk beds, we've also implemented an earlier bed time, and one of the ways I hope to tire them out for this is to WAKE THEM UP EARLY! The sooner they rise, the sooner they fall right? One of the main reasons I homeschool my kids is so they have the option of getting enough sleep, so it seems a little hypocritical to be ripping them from their sheets because I am brainwashed and need my Americano right now. On the other hand, it sure is nice to have them tired at 9:30pm, rather than asking for popcorn at 12:30am... Wow. Perhaps the answer lies in the question. It seems getting up earlier is a win-win-win situation.

Who knew that foaming at the mouth could lead to such clarity?


gail said...

you could surreptitiously fill your empty cup with water, that way you could still be like all the people with the cups. no one would know. i have to admit that waking the kids early for the sake of their 'schedule' lends itself nicely to a morning coffee run :) perhaps it could be a run to 'our' starbucks and you could see what the guy is doing early in the morning. maybe he wouldn't even be there! maybe he spends the night in the bathroom. please solve the mystery for me!

Brandy Kinch said...

Hey, you way don't get to chide Gail about her scones and then brag at length about Starbucks! I was stuck with some chicory crap from New Orleans and let me tell you the novelty has worn off of that stuff, lol.

Chey said...

did i brag? whoa. i sure didn't mean to. when you see my hair today you'll realize that karmically it all evens out.

nevertheless, a couple weeks of that chicory swill earns you some real coffee(s). just name the time.


knightowl said...

Beautiful new bunk beds! So did they actually both sleep in them? And can I buy some glow-in-the-dark stars for their ceiling?

knightowl, who always wanted to sleep on a top bunk.

knightowl said...

Edwards once again the usual suspect for sanity and bravery


gail said...

hey! when do i get to see a pic of the bunk beds? perhaps when i stop saying 'pic'?