Sunday, January 27, 2008

it's so hard to say goodbye

And while I'm on the subject of John Edwards, let me just say that I'm not laboring under any illusions of him securing the nomination. Okay I said it. (Voice gets quavery.) I do think that he has brought a lot of important issues to the table, issues that have been seldom heard over the shameful mud-sligning of our two celebrity candidates, and I do think his conduct has most closely resembled that of an actual adult (even if his appearance is far from it, lol). However, none of his golden boy flair changes the fact that the best we can hope for is 200 of those 1,700 delegates at stake come February 5th, which would, in essence, put him the position of kingmaker. (He's already the primary force keeping Hillary under 50%. You can thank him for that, B.)

I've said that I am holding out for an Edwards/Obama ticket, though at this point I'd be thrilled with an Obama/Edwards consolation ticket. The point is I'm not snuffing out this little light of mine just yet. But the realist in me is prepared for the fact that I may have to transfer my support entirely very soon. And at six-foot-one, I will be waving my Obama sign high, believe me.

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knightowl said...

It's not over yet. Look what McCain is doing! and hardly anybody likes HIM.