Friday, June 25, 2010


I still remember you like this, in your Little Mermaid swim suit, following me around, absorbing all the sophistication a 10 year old had to offer. We watched Dirty Dancing for three days straight, which I never figured out why your parents allowed. (I'm smooth like that. You're welcome if I corrupted you!)

But Miss Kristin, I am so proud and thrilled to welcome Baby Ava! Gorgeous and perfect, just like her sister. I was on pins and needles all day yesterday as Bob was texting me updates, even as she drove to the hospital!

Seven pounds, ten ounces of perfection, and we are on our way. (Reilly is determined to come smuggle Natalie home in her suitcase, lol.)

Three beautiful ladies:

Now in the midst of all this bliss, I must caution both you Bobs: If someone doesn't have a boy soon, the population will cease to exist, lol.

I'm so proud of you kiddo, and so glad she's here. You are a rockstar, and all your bandmates are girls. :)

Welcome home Ava:

I'll keep my eye out for Little Mermaid swim suits...



stone hunter said...

What a sweet post. Beautiful family.

Mesina said...

AWWWW!!! What a gorgeous family and such a sweet babykins!

Congrats to them all - hoping Mom and baby continue to do well, be happy and enjoy this wonderful time together xxx