Thursday, July 8, 2010

Deborah is crazy. She's always inviting you over and then springing some completely random and highly uncomfortable idea on you, such as "Let's get out the Slip 'N Slide!" (Meaning us too.) And she is surprisingly difficult to refuse. The other day we took the kids to Pietro's Pizza, which I've long avoided due to the very trap in which I was ensnared. Damnit. I knew we were sending the kids in to play laser tag, but it became clear she was herding all of us in there. "Um. I'm not really playing laser tag Deborah." "Oh it will be fun, just get in here!" Before I knew it I was watching the instructional video. Next we picked our guns. I was reticent. But glad to get #15.

We decided it was adults versus kids.

O.M.G. It was so much fun. Quinn is a straight-up rockstar. Everytime I turned around my target was deactivated and I barely even saw him. And Shannon, that quiet blushing thing? She'll shoot your heart right out. And when they teamed up on us, in the corner of the base, I was laughing so hard I was utterly worthless. Obviously we're going back everyday.

The scoring system was kind of fucked. I scored the most points, but Quinn won.

After the adrenaline wore off we followed Deborah down her rabbit hole, as always.

That's me, Bootstrap:

The only thing Buffy is good for. To hold the coffee that goes with the cheesecake. (Oh and as a sleep aid.)

Y gracias por los libros!


Mensa Family said...

I can't believe you drank out of a Buffy mug. But I can see you loving laser tag...after wiping down the equipment?

Cheyenne said...

Actually I used the Angel cup, I done served my Buffy sentence. And yep!