Saturday, June 12, 2010

i ♥:

Eye glitter.
People who understand tonal nuance in text.
Hot hot hot washcloths at 4am, after taking a friend to the ER.
Urban Outfitters.
Todd's snap peas.
Reserved Redbox movies thankyouverymuch.
Chelsea Handler live!
Bypassing policies. ;)
Manic Cleaning Saturdays.
"Pass-me-downs." --Reilly.
Quinn's legs being exactly as long as mine. (!!!)
Iced tall Americanos in a Venti cup with extra ice and milk.
Hugging my mom.
The best compilation in the world.
Finding Law & Order: SVU marathons at 3am.
Fall risks, and painting with them.
New coasters from Whole Foods.
Playing Wiffle ball in Target, knocking down a patio umbrella/getting it on video.
Finally getting into the shower.
Wire caddies.
"Red makes the world happen!"--Dyan.
Unexpected care packages that kick ass.
Quinn dancing. (Boy has skills!)
New tattoos.
"He's right behind you."
Manic Cleaning Saturdays.
Bashing the Pearls on facebook to a group of Texans, being cheered.
Realizing it's okay to say fuck around someone.
Feisty Gail.
Garage sales.
The KROC Center ate my kids.
Giving gifts.
Being vegan.
"I KNOW. !" When it was my blood, not yours!

Haiti Hope:

My new Starbucks Mason-like jars:

My kids' keys. (They've got serious places to go.):

My Gerbera, in the yellow pot Quinn bought me for Mothers Day:

Reilly clipping coupons every weekend:


"I has da drugs." --Sumu.
Being the dare queen, making yous laugh, with minimal bone breakage. Taylor's got NOTHING!
SLAB soap with poppy seeds.
My new baby red ottoman for my room.
Reading four books at once.
The Gosselins. Shut it.
Having a high pain threshold.
Friday night dinners with Keagan.
Knowing what I know.
And this:


owlishly said...

i love all of that too, but back off my tiramisu.
(rhyming is GAY, sorry about that)

you forgot to add the video of you dancing to the kendra song... ;)

Cheyenne said...

I was eating tiramisu before you were born jerk.

And if there's a video of that dance, so help you Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, it gets the hose again...

owlishly said...

i'll arm wrestle you for the cake. we're long overdue for a rematch. this time let's not break a table.

gail said...

i love your can you make hearts? <3 thanks for the shout out, i love feisty gail too. where is she? :)

Hennifer said...

Rockin list! I love how manic saturdays made it on the list twice.

Oh Mika! Scott loaded stuff on my phone ages ago, at first I laughed my ass off at Mika but now I love most of it. I'll have to check out the clip you have on here at home

Cheyenne said...

Oh snap! It is on there twice. I guess that's kind of self-explanatory, lol.

I'm glad you stopped laughing your ass off at Mika because I am with this song.

Cokes and whatnot soon. I'll take Nyquil...

Anonymous said...

Love it.

Susannah said...

I like how Friday night dinners with *Keagan* makes your list. <3