Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Man, you have to call pretty early to wake me up. It helps if you're from Egypt. It just so happens that my dear friend Maha is, and thus, awakened me the other day with an invitation to dine at the Otis Cafe the following afternoon. It's still a little surreal that she comes all the way from Egypt, eager to dine at our mutual favourite restaurant, in a town you can currently buy for like $800 I think.

I met Maha in Newport when we were 17. She was with her American host family and I served them a pizza. She was so lovely, so ambitious, spoke perfect English, and was interested in everything. We exchanged info and have been in touch off and on ever since.

"Yes! Otis Cafe tomorrow!"

She hasn't aged a day:

Not exactly a boon to the ego to pose with her, but ah well:

Maha and her sister Heba, whom I'd not previously met. Such wonderful women:

There is even less seating inside:

Long goodbyes in Otis = climb on your mom's car:

Too bad we couldn't all sit like this on the way home:

Somewhere, over that rainbow...

...just wait and see.

Thank you for the fabulous lunch dear friends, can't wait for to hear your voice again.


owlishly said...
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Susannah said...

you've got some pretty amazing people in your life, lady. i love the pic of the kids on top of the car!

owlishly said...

they were so cute and egyptian, lol. thanks for being selfish enough to finally let me in on the otis cafe. needs. more. french. toast.

Maha said...

OMG! You have a whole blog for me!I am very touched,and am very blessed to have you in my life!You are gorgeous person inside and out Cheyenne!
It still blows my mind that,we actually met 15 years ago and here we are today,after all those lovely letters back and forth,then losing touch for about 8 years and then comes facebook!
Thank you for finding me friend!
You have such a big heart and I am proud to be part of your life!