Thursday, December 31, 2009

stuck on this

A friend handed me this as we were walking out of Barnes & Noble last night. It's a magnet, but I might wear it as a necklace:


Hennifer said...

I love this! My dentist has inspirational quotes on the wall at your feet in each exam room.

This one I see most often and always find it beautiful and inspirational!

Not a bad something to be stuck on as you ring in a new year!

D said...

Your friend hoped it would be of some consolation to you and your skinned knee.

Cheyenne said...
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Cheyenne said...

Consolation my ass, it was the perfect thing and you know it. And now that I know how exquisite your taste is (I still haven't regained consciousness from christmas) I'm going to fall down and skin my knees everyday. (The book ends, the book ends...)

Kidding, it was nice to do something for you for a change.

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic. Definitely some words to live by.

Keep your chin up; the best of life is yet to be.