Thursday, December 3, 2009

on the second day of christmas, my true loves were inked on me

I've wanted this tattoo forever, and tonight I just couldn't wait another second. Some people are suckers for random images, patterns, or colours, I'm a sucker for my kids. I love you Quinn and Reilly.

The sound grates after like 2.5 seconds:


You guys have made me the happiest mama, I am proud to wear your names.


Susannah said...

that is so sweet! i love it.

Mesina said...

I love it! It looks great and of course they are your babies... who wouldn't want to sport their awesome names?!

I've thought about having something similar....just that I keep having kids and the tat thus gets just too go anywhere...except up my fucking leg or something weird!! eww... x

Hennifer said...

I love it! What a lovely font! My sister has her first son's name tattooed on her and I think it is the finest, crispest, most perfect font for her tattoo as well.

I steer away from words because the styles are too many to contemplate.

I hope to be getting my first tattoo sometime soon.

Did you edit the text of this post? It is here twice.

debe said...

sweet tatt brah.

Cheyenne said...

Mes-Ha ha ha, you will have to get their names in cursive up your side, from your ankle to your neck, lol, and you'll have to wait until menopause at this rate!

Jennifer-Ah! Leave it to you to notice the font--my beloved typewriter. Even the artist complimented it. Though it was disconcerting that they didn't know what an ampersand is. I totally get the vastness of options. I didn't have to think long, like two seconds. I've been wanting this one forever.

Debe-What is you, Taylor son?

dobby said...

Ink. Gotta love it. Ink gives a thought or idea permanence like none other. You’re an awesome mom, and I think this is a wonderful way to celebrate what your children mean to you.

dyan said...

Truly a tribute to your lovely offspring as well as to you; after all, you are their mama and what could be finer than that?
I have been pining for another inking since I got my first 3 years ago with Dan.
And the font is so classic. LOVE IT! How long did it take, btw?

Cheyenne said...

Thanks Dyan, I'm so glad I finally got it. You should totally get another one, with me when you get here, duh. Meanwhile, your matching shamrocks with Dan have inspired me. Quinn and Reilly are really proud to be Irish and now I want to smuggle them out to someone who will ink minors and do the same, lol. Rei already wants one (dear god). It took 15 minutes. Are you here yet?