Saturday, December 5, 2009

on the third day of christmas, i had a date with quinny

One of my favourite christmas traditions is my children taking it upon themselves to shop for our entire family, including (gasp!) each other. They've been doing this since they were about four and five. Saving their own dough, arranging rides, buying their own wrapping paper, not to be revealed until christmas, and having their own wrap-session in their room.

Quinn has been saving his moolah for a big-ticket item, the cost of which could save an impoverished nation. I've had mixed feelings about it, but he has worked hard, and we allowed him to save for it. As such, I was slightly surprised when he asked me if I could take him shopping.

"I thought you were saving for (the ridiculous item)?"

"Oh I am, but obviously I set aside money for christmas Mom." Swoon.

My kids have remarkably good ideas--often better than my own--and it is so much fun to see them emerge with bags, especially the ones for each other.
We went to the mall, had lunch at Quinn's favourite restaurant, Young's, and then pretty much zig-zagged in the least fuel-efficient manner possible, all over the rest of the town to complete his list. Then he joined me for some of my shopping, because we were having too much fun to go home. This kid, he's incredible. He is closer to manhood than childhood, and while this evokes feelings of melancholy, I am so proud of him. And he still kisses his mama in public.


dobby said...

Too bad grown-ups can't seem to grasp the financial principals Q has mastered. Saved, Spent, Felt Good, rather than Spend, Make Minimum Payments Forever, Feel Like Shit. LOL. Good job, Q!

Cheyenne said...

Dobby-Hahaha, minimum payments forever is the best! Yeah, Todd has instilled a pretty strong cash-only mentality in the kids, and by locking up the plastic at Fort Knox, I have resorted to responsibility by default.

Also: Principles*

Also: Thank you for appreciating my kids. You conduct yourself at such a high standard, your praise of "Q" and "R" doesn't go unnoticed. I'm quite fond of them myself.

Mensa Family said...

He shows affection, relishes giving, especially to Reilly, and prefers Yakisoba to McNuggets? All that and he's British? Jesus lady could he be any cooler?

Although...I noticed he's wearing UGG boots, and knowing the manner in which you stereotype them, do you still love him?


Cheyenne said...

D- Ha ha ha. I absolutely knew you would you mention the UGGs! Okay well here's the thing: My family has been wearing UGGs since way before they were cool, like when I was nine and everyone at school made fun of them. I feel like our bloodline has paid its dues, you know? Besides, Quinn of all people, does not derive his self confidence from societal fashion standards. To the extent that he can malign Paris Hilton putting UGGs on her goddamned Chihuahua, and then wear them himself. I'm making that up, but she's probably done it.

You need a blog.

gail said...

i love it.