Saturday, December 26, 2009

a christmas in pictures

It's a wrap:

Lights in our house for the very time = huge success:

Presents hiding everywhere:

Arriving at Mom's:

...with care:

My careful opener:

Reilly gave everyone money. Queue music:

Alyssa is the only 21 year old who can pull off Spongebob pants:

I only wanted two things. The new mega lint roller...

And this. Out with the old, in with the new:

If this moment has been on facebook it would have said, "Reilly just became a fan of PEA COATS!"

The ubiquitous text break:

Reilly opening the mega Pet Smart gift card Quinn got her...

...and the hug heard 'round the world. (Sniff.)

Some people carry jumper cables, while others opt for the deluxe standard sized travel Scrabble game. With my classic board and my smaller travel board, I literally have no excuse not to be playing at all times. Bring it on:

Game on:

Um, Alyssa left us all in the cold with a double/triple on 'dioramas' and 'exit.' Obviously the board is cursed and I'll have to exchange it. I will add that Reilly immediately played a double/triple and screeched into the lead:

Reilly's life as a multi-national Guitar Hero superstar begins. (She kicks it yo!)

As does Quinn's life of sniping and warfare with Is and Titey:

And to all a good night:


gail said...

looks AWESOME! so homey, and cheerful, and full of love. so happy you had a special time :)

dobby said...

that was such a cute shot of those two. gift card = ftw pic for mom's scrap book.

dyan said... year I'm going to your mom's house! lol...We didn't even have a tree this year but then the cats would have destroyed it anyway. Damn, you guys are such a cute family! said...

Merry Christmas :-)