Wednesday, August 26, 2009

thank you ted

Most of you know I have been obsessed with the Kennedys my entire life, down to every single one of 319 cousins named Patrick. I have read every biography, studied elections, district races, assassinations, and scandals. My "memories" are so vivid I swear I watched Teddy emerge from the auspicious shadows of John and Bobby as the widely-acknowledged most brilliant of the Kennedy brothers. I have relished all eight of his terms with pride, and practically come to blows when someone tries to cheapen his legacy by playing the Chappaquiddick card. Spare me. If Jacqueline Kennedy could be exalted for popularizing the pill box hat, then Senator Kennedy has earned his place at the helm of Democracy. Kennedy deaths are always hard on me but this is the hardest. He was our champion, fighting until his final breath, and he was the haunted bearer of our last thread to Camelot, which is officially over. He represented a nostalgia that Caroline can't assume, and he embodied Rose's mantra, as have nearly all the Kennedys: "To whom much is given much is expected." Teddy had the dreams, hopes, and expectations of his entire bloodline placed on him, as well as the demands of constituents and skeptics, and he answered the call until his final day.

Rest in Peace Senator Kennedy, it's a new world, and I'm not sure I like it.


Mesina said...

I don't know much about the Kennedy's I will admit, albeit having seen a few documentaries and movies about JFK's assassination. So, I can't really comment on anything political here. I know...I suck!

On the other hand, it's hard to see a good man go. From the sounds of your post, he's left behind him something more than worthy of a life well lived. x

gail said...

a well spoken, heartfelt tribute. i, too, know little about the kennedys, but anyone who works to make our country a better place for so many years, and in so many ways, deserves our respect and gratitude. may he be remembered for all the good he did and i can only hope someone can step up to fill his shoes and continue his legacy.

stone hunter said...

Maybe one thing that can be done in his honor is to enthusiastically take up the mantle of universal health care he introduced and fought for to the end.
He wanted all Americans to have what every other industrialized nation in the world has had for a long time.
Let's go get it.

Cheyenne said...

Mom-Yeah I was totally trouncing this sweet young Republican I know who was reviling the Democratic Party for taking advantage of Ted Kennedy's death to fast track Obama's bill. I pointed out that both parties employ such tactics and that the real issue is the merit of the bill, for chrissake, to which he responded that he did not want to get into the merit of the issue, but simply malign Democrats for honouring Ted Kennedy by moving this bill through.

Wtf is wrong with people? There is a chromosomal malformation in Republicans. (No offense to my uncle David nor Mike Honan.)

stone hunter said...

Well, I do find those people offensive who scream against fair play and human rights. And the ones who aren't rich and yet upholding the cheating rules for the elite rich to get richer even at their own expense are crassly stupid because they are believing ridiculous ingrained lies, the brainwashed-robots.