Monday, August 24, 2009

obviously i'm from the bandwagon

Recently one of the 75 Amys on my fb list posted this and since hers resonated with me, and I scarcely know her, I thought mine might bear some relevance. The format is a template, so whether you love it or hate it, ain't no mattah. Thanks Amy!

I am from the Van Duzen River, from the original Capri Sun, and the days when it was safe to be gone until dinner time.

I am from the rustic house on at the end of Hansen Drive, with its sprawling porch, makeshift baseball diamond in the yard, grass hills for sliding down, and a studio in which my mom churned out many a masterpiece while I watched.

I am from the Thimble berry plants, my mom's roses, and lots of scratches.

I am from the Wilhelm family whipped cream fights, and being over six feet tall, from my big brother Sky, the best cousins on earth, Maria and Catherine, baby cousins galore, but most of all my mom.

I am from the opinionated, the merciful, and thankfully, Democrats.

From "I love you cosmically, universally, infinity," and as my mama's mushka.

I am from a vast landscape of open-mindedness, which sprang from Lutheranism, and one Republican uncle.

I'm from Santa Rosa, CA, by way of Germany and the Bavarian Mountains, and duck blood soup and sauerkraut.

From the grandfather who was a union organizer and ran for office as a Democrat in the 50's, the grandmother who begged comparison to a saint, and the schizophrenic uncle I never understood but wanted to.

I am from a million pictures my mom took, at rivers, oceans, yards, birthday parties, vacations, semi-naked (thanks), laughing, crying, in the netted porch swing, in black and white, I am from the Nice House, a car named Delilah, Santa Cruz, South Fortuna Elementary, singing "Beat It" and "Chattanooga Choo Choo" in the same talent show in a packed auditorium at age six, from spelling bees, hideous clothing, OCD before anyone knew what it was, being tall *and* named Cheyenne, curly-noodle soup (Top Ramen), rotary phones, a cat named Shoo-Shoo, and a mom whose unconditional love is the blanket under which all these memories rest safely.


stone hunter said...

Sweet, Mushka, sweet.


dyan said...

The beginnings of your memoir! Lovely, as you are!

stone hunter said...

Beautifully written honey. I agree with Dyan, a great beginning and very captivating. One of my favorite parts is that you are from the Nice House, the one eternal success from my strange compulsion to drag home large awkward wooden things...

I love you universally, unconditionally, infinitely and cosmically too.