Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a mid summer day's night

Impromptu phone pics snapped today:

These flip flop are so absurdly small:

The simple things:

SSDD: Quinn hitting the road with Israel and Jeshua:

Searching for Bella, who ran away to see if the grass is greener elsewhere. But what could be greener than Todd's garden:

The back forty, "Here...Bella...Bella..." (Note my sincerity.):

Father daughter rescue mission: Accomplished:

Home safe. Two feisty girls always seeking adventure:

That's obviously my iPod. Ha. Sweet dreams.


owlishly said...

first of all, re: brody: BACK THE FUCK UP YOU JOHNNY-COME-LATELY.

second, i love that picture of quinn and rei.

third, well...i don't have a third.

Susannah said...

I'll second the love of that pic of q & r :)

Mesina said...

You're kids are so freaking cute! Heartbreakers.
I love the pic and I could so hear your concern for Bella....*cough*