Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Todd typically chauffeurs the kids to and from their art class, but I was growing increasingly curious as to what bursts of creativity this guy is unleashing, so I stopped in and caused a total scene tripping over kicky little feet, the teacher, Sam, and interrupting his lesson with my camera.

"But it's for a blog you see." Personally I'd consider it a stretch to call blogging an art, but he immediately warmed to my intrusion. I really like the class, even though sometimes I actually find myself at Starbucks with Deborah instead...

Richard getting ready to enthrall the kids with how to make a tree in one minute:

One minute later, using a fan brush:

Shannon, the elusive beauty:

Surprise! Brian's a lefty! Everyone knows I <3 the lefties:

Quinn: "Mom did you know that Victoria is a freaking awesome artist?"

Me: "Yep, she always has been."

Reilly on the brink of greatness. Believe it or not, these lines turned into beautiful snow-capped mountains:

The extent of my artistic prowess is pretty much list making, so I'm really glad the kids have this art class, that they may endeavor to draw something more sophisticated than a stick figure. :)


Mensa Family said...

I love Quinn complimenting his friend, he is such a sweet soul. And Reilly, not just a blur! Must be a fun class. :)


outdoor.mom said...

fun photos!