Sunday, January 24, 2010

joy with my boy

Random Quinn quotables from our day together:

While watching The Soup this morning, Joss Stone appeared out of nowhere, singing On the Wings of Love, which was so absurd in and of itself, we were kind of howling. Suddenly Quinn said incredulously, "Whose name is Joss?...well besides Joss Whedon," at which point he shot me a knowing glance, for he knows that Whedon's most notable works are not my favourite.

Later while folding laundry, I inexplicably encountered his swim trunks. "Dude, when did you wear swim trunks?"

"I took a bath the other night, which I never do, and well, there weren't any bubbles and I really didn't need Papa like, peeking in and having anything appear at the surface." It wasn't so long ago that he showered with Todd every night.

Later still, I said, "Hey let's get a profile picture on your facebook account so I don't have to be all sad that you're some empty default."

"Mom, I am so unphotogenic, my teeth suck, and my chin like, retracts into my neck in every picture." OMG feeling gawky and insecure comes with the age, and of course, he's beautiful, but the specificity of his chin retracting was downright hilarious.

While sitting by me on the couch, I commented that his post-cold lite raspy voice was super cute, he said, "Like that episode of Friends where Phoebe gets sexy phlegm and licks Monica's noodle water to get it back." Jesus this kid remembers everything, and his intellect is just pacing itself until it sprints right past ours any second. I hear him talking to Alex about anthropomorphizing and I shake my head.

Finally, he walked past me on the computer and saw Karen's kids and said, "Aw, Jatin and Nikash for the win!"

On my way out the door, I was met by this thing, my kid, sporting night vision goggles. I'm totally not anti-gun, but this thing was intense. Is he training to be an assassin or an agent for Homeland Security? Oh well, he still kisses me, and that's all that matters.


Mensa Family said...

Quinn is so unique. His wisdom is beyond his years, but he still finds comfort in being your little boy. I love how affectionate he is, but ultimately, it's his humor that has won me over. And I happen to love his teeth, and think he's totally handsome. (Yes Mom, even with the hair, lol.)

He has an amazing brain, and I'm pretty sure he'll use it and his night vision goggles for good. :)

-D said...

your background may be black, but your house is clean. i'm a slob. i may have to follow moxiclean, but it fears me....
anyhoo, sounds like your kid has your wit ;-) Have a super great day!

Hennifer said...

What a loving tribute to your boy, in all this age's glory. You'll both look back on this post fondly I predict

Debe said...

Aw, Quinn! Those goggles scare the shit out of me, but damn that kid is hilarious. And gorgeous.

Anonymous said...


danacherise said...

Like mama, like son.

Cheyenne said...

Anonymous--If you're a random reader commenting to validate my feelings about his goggles, thanks for reading. :)

But if this is you, Stupid Cunt #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... you should really give some thought to new hobbies, and leave my blog alone. Yes I realize the implication that my son's possession of night vision goggles means that we're all prowling around your house and we're a horrible, dangerous family, and that any of you matters at all. You are so goddamned clever I could faint. You all are so desperate, so disgusting, and so dangerous as to fuck with the lives of children, I wouldn't look at any of you with my eyeball, let alone glasses or goggles. Perhaps you should be inspecting the blogs of those whose children have to become halfway paralyzed to get any attention whatsoever, or the one whose child tried to commit suicide with a belt around the neck less than a year ago. Why don't you take your community of cocksucking cowards and go help the kids who actually need helping.