Friday, January 22, 2010

the first ten things i could find that don't suck:

-that my kids just now have their first case of colds with body aches, but are otherwise exceedingly healthy, kind, brilliant, hilarious, well-loved, perceptive, and a thousand more adjectives.

-splashes of red, whatever form they take:


-random piles of cash thrown at me:

-finding typewritery things to hoard:

these cards are so amazing i will have to be really damned thankful to ever send one:

Unexpected gifts from etsy, from people who mean it:

-Texts from Gail, which are bittersweet because she's as far away as she is amazing.

-My new phone, which holds 300 texts, omg! I cannot believe I survived two years with a phone that only held 50. I still max it out everyday, but not until like 3pm, as opposed to 8am. Plus it sorts threads and has a snooze button.


-You, jerk:

Go do it. I'll hold your glasses.


Debe said...

Hell yes to amazing kids, immersion blenders, and limewire!

okay, my turn:
- sorren and his ability to always make me laugh. and dance.
- iPhones. they hold thousands of texts. jealous? :)
- josh holloway.
- eye shimmer.
- nutella.
- playlists named burgundyville.
- hazlenut milkshakes.
- laughing with friends until I pee and/or can't breathe.
- impromptu road trips to sf/santa cruz.
- YOU. for knowing I have someone solid to lean on. for writing heart wrenching emails for me. for singing along to tupac just to make me laugh. for making fun of my cookies. for sucking me into lost(omgsawyer!). for knowing exactly when I need a good laugh and providing me that satisfaction. for being witty, truthful, animated, loyal, accepting, receptive, honest, selfless, gutsy, forgiving, loving, and wise.

Cheyenne said...

The eye shimmer! You bitch! I don't think that would impress Sawyer much, you can just hand it over. Thanks.

gail said...

awww, i got a shout out...miss you too! but thank goodness for emails, texts, etc, that make keeping in touch so much easier.

Hennifer said...

love the new necklace!

Anonymous said...

I Love That You And Your Girlfriend Have Matching Tatoos.

Cheyenne said...

Anonymous--I love that you can neither spell nor do you have the slightest grasp of anything. What the fuck are you talking about? You're commenting on all my posts right now, is this one of my own spies turning on me? (Yawn)