Friday, October 30, 2009


After his obligatory show as an anti-Halloweenite, Todd folded like a house of cards when the kids asked to go to Roloff Farms this year. For those who don't know, the Roloff family has been featured on TLC's Little People, Big World for about three years and Quinn and Reilly and I have adopted them as our substitute when Jon & Kate Plus Eight isn't airing, or is fraught with whatever controversy is getting it axed. We've seen them on lecture circuits, getting surgeries to correct the malformations in their bones, we've seen Jacob (not pictured) get his head stitched up 12 times, and we no longer even distinguish them as little people. So we headed up today to get some pumpkins, pictures, and maybe trip and fall over the same gourd twice, once in the picture being taken by five Japanese tourists snapping a shot nearby. Awesome. Plus it was muddy. Awesomer.

Zachary Roloff:

His twin brother Jeremy Roloff:

We arrived too late to take the tour wherein we would presumably leer into their windows and gawk at them, which is totally awkward, so we were fine just seeing the farm, meeting the twins, who were really friendly, and scoring some mighty handsome pumpkins. And learning once and for all not to walk backwards to get a better picture in a pumpkin field. Duh.

For those of you who shared my curiosity as to what is more awkward, Matt Roloff or 60 rainbow balloons, I couldn't tell you because I refused to climb a mountain to see him. So having actual experience with 60 rainbow balloons, I'm going with those.


Anonymous said...

Fail. The whole point in going to the punkin patch was to tie the 60 rainbow balloons to Matt Roloff and send him back to Oz.

OMG I am so offensive but there's no turning back.

Cheyenne said...

Why would you turn back, I'm right beside you. Duh. That is, unless you seriously spelled it 'punkin,' in which case I will break your elbow with my big-ass dictionary.

Mensa Family said...

Cheyenne I'm so glad you made it up there before your trip! The kids were all smiles and I'm sure you masked your disdain for the dirt and animals right? RIGHT? How cool to meet the family, great idea.

When will you be back? I need my proofreader.