Saturday, October 24, 2009

the cat's meow

Reilly asked to attend the Halloween party at the Humane Society this afternoon, and despite Todd's initial objection (he's anti-Halloween), he relented because it was clear that the driving force behind her desire to go was to see the animals, donate money, and see if by some miracle her Kevin is there. (Missing 17 days now I think.) I swear there could be a haggis eating contest at the Humane Society and she'd go. Except Quinn would sooner hobble her than let her get anywhere near the verboten haggis. Anyway, I am wholly unaccustomed to dealing with costumes, but since it wasn't that important to her, she raked some random shit out from under her bed in five seconds and with a little eyeliner, we were pleased with the result. (Of course we were missing the ears for an epic ten minutes just as her ride was pulling in--I mean what such experience isn't complete without that?)

Fun stuff.


Mensa Family said...

Your kids are incredible. Reilly's love of animals tempers her haste to grow up of which you speak. She has so much heart, and such zest. She could conquer the world and she knows it, just like her mother. And what was your lanky Brit doing, presumably to dodge this function?


Cheyenne said...

D-It's so funny you asked that. Quinn was on a bike ride with his dad. They just walked in and I hear this British gent behind me asking a question, lol. He has the gift of mimicry and now he's honing different dialects within the UK. I still prefer the Scottish accent but he's less confident with that. Thank you for complimenting Rei, I'll pass it along. OMG I just heard approximately 20937509275 Legos get dumped onto the living room floor, I have to run away. See you soon.

debe said...

so super cute, good job! i loves me some reilly. OMG haggis.

no mensa here said...

another mention of mensa . . . i think it's an omen. you should, in spite of your reticence, take it, and pass!

regarding haggis, i did not know of what it's made, read up on it, and promptly barfed.

i hope moxie has a "clean up after reading of haggis" section soon.

Hennifer said...

What a purrrr-fect kitty!
She looks great!