Saturday, July 11, 2009

right now i am grateful for:

My amazing, indescribable, beautiful, healthy children, who love me so unconditionally I am humbled everyday. They make me laugh, they enthrall me with insights one could never imagine in beings so young, they tell me they love me ten times a day, they take care of me if I'm sick, write me precious notes, and damn they're getting good at cleaning!

My mother lion. Enough said.

Todd, hands-down the best father I've ever known, one hell of a provider, a gracious friend, and thankfully, a willing and capable cook.

Friends who are so fantastic I've gotten home two nights in a row as the sun was coming up because they are just.that.great. Friends who will stand beside me in an ambush, make sense of the truly senseless, listen without prejudice, and continue to offer the ever-elusive perspective.

Red bell peppers, my favourite food. (Note: A green bell pepper is not the same, I am eating one now, and am sorely disappointed.)

Meeting new people.

Dasani water (1 ltr.) bottles being on sale for 99 cents.

Truth, as it is in such short supply.

Sharpie gluttony. Good god.

Sam. I know I said friends but she's in a league of her own. There are no words.

Mesina. She's in her own league as well, but abroad. In a few short weeks I will have loved you for 20 years (holy shit!), and I will continue to do so well past eternity.

I mean, Kirkland wipes, obviously.

New activities, new scenery.

Being asked by someone I just met "How did you learn to speak so well?"

Seeing the words "President Obama" every morning.

Elyse hugging me, "Cheyemme."

Visits on the patio.

Being on a run of excellent books.

Nordstrom's liberal return policy.

Love in unexpected places.

Santa Cruz Limeade.

Music. What I salvaged from the wreckage.

Brainless television, because shit, I can't be all reasonable and philosophical 24 hours a day.

The soy yogurts that do not taste like shit.


Three-tiered hangers.


Knowing everything that I know, regardless of how I came to know it, even the things that felt like they might kill me.


Sam said...

Excellent post. Those things which make life worth sticking around for and the things which deserve our attention. Not the bs in life.

And thank you for the compliments. I was happy to just be included in the general 'friends' category! I'm not all that special. I'm just a hermit with too much time to make triteness sound good. :)


Mesina said...

What a lovely post!
omg I got a special mention too?! Like Sam I was happy just being in the general friends list...girl you rock. I cannot believe it's been nearly 20 years since we met. Not a day goes by I am not grateful.

Love you now and always ♥

gail said...

lovely post. great to see you focusing on all of the positive things in life in the midst of turmoil. it will keep you going.

Susannah said...

"That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger." And you are stronger, friend.

Hennifer said...

What a wonderful list to find on such a cold, gray day!