Saturday, July 18, 2009

goodbye o'clock

In the random sentimental attachment category, which frankly, is bursting at the seams, I must finally throw out an old relic from my childhood, and felt a proper send-off was in order.

I bought this alarm clock when I 13, when Sprouse Reitz (gag!) was going out of business in Newport in 1990 and we went to peruse the off-brand disgusting crap.

This clock got me through eighth grade, all of high school, zero period AP classes, a full time job, 4am Street Law competitions, where I totally kicked ass, and that snooze button was my saviour.

Later on, this surprisingly trusty Sprouse Reitz clock got us to the hospital in time to be induced with Reilly, got Todd off to jobs that started at the most ungodly hours, got us on the road early for long trips, and everything in between.

A few years ago, when my dad was dying, it kept me on a regular schedule of caring for him, and it got me to all functions fun and not so.

It finally just petered out, after 19 years of dutiful service. Mostly, I cannot believe I've owned and used something for 19 years. There is no denying I am really getting old.

Todd bought this new high falutin clock, which I'm sure is plenty wonderful, but I was surprisingly attached to mine and have snubbed this one for the most part.

I know it's silly, but 19 years! It's okay though, I am seriously ready for better times...


Hennifer said...

Nicole still has her alarm clock she's had the entire time I've known her. It is awesome and I can't imagine how she'll move on...

stone hunter said...

wow. somehow that's sadder even then selling the Jeep the other day; hard to let some things go. Nice memories, honey.


gail said...

i haven't heard the words sprouse reitz in ages! i get attached to things clock looks nice though!