Thursday, July 23, 2009

a little bit of reilly in my life

Signs of my girl everywhere I look:

Reilly is more conservative with her affection than her brother but when it comes to her mama, she has an awareness of my needs which never ceases to amaze me. One night I came home late, everyone was sleeping, and I was greeted by my bed made beautifully, and this note.

Reilly doesn't always use her powers for altruistic purposes. Months ago she got scolded for something fairly minor, which led to a family discussion during which she would not talk no matter what. We were powerless, as Reilly has the strongest will of any human being on earth. We were sad that she reacted so severely to a minor infraction, and after our talk I found this note on my mirror. Ha ha ha! She'd kill me for posting it because she hates the handwriting, but, my blog, my prerogative.

The kids share a small room, so I have to give them some grace for cramped quarters, but I noticed this weird menage-a-trois the other day and had to capture it. Note the duct taped ear, the shades, the lei, pirate headband, the Rudolph getting, um, oh! Protected so he can guide Santa's sleigh? He's being mounted, who am I kidding. The whole scene is pretty suggestive, and while I am 100% certain Reilly has no idea these critters are doing anything but saving space, I kind of wanted to look away and give them some privacy.

Rei knows that rainbows make mama happy. Last week she sensed I needed a pick-me-up, so she painted this for me. Very uniform, with mod dots. She's incredible.

After my most recent surgery, feeling dopey, she brought me this Froot Loop rainbow. She is always thinking of me. (Melt.) Then I asked her to make me a bowl and I was even happier.

Reilly recently put "chap stick" on the grocery list, and I reminded her that I just bought ten lip balms from Carmela--far superior to anything sold commercially. I told her she could choose any flavour, for keeps. I was really afraid she'd take my only almond one, but she bested me and snatched one of my two prized, discontinued Obalmas. Ouch. But I couldn't deny her, and the next day I saw this. She must have sensed my sacrifice, lol.

She has wanted this quilt since we saw it online two years ago. I recently found it at Target. She keeps her bed very neat, but with stuffties hidden everywhere. This made me happy. Rainbows and order, what could possibly be better?

These are the ribbons Reilly has amassed in her very short experience with track and field. She took second in the high jump the first and second times she tried, as well as various races (they really work those kids!). Yesterday while waiting for her heat (high jump), she trotted over to try long jump, where she did amazing. I'm realizing she is the shortest nine year old competing. Very weird to have one giant and one runt. Anyway, she returned and threw her fifth place ribbon down, and nothing we said convinced her that fifth place out of about 50 kids is really fucking good when you've never done it before. Then it was time to race. The previous week she was sick so got one second and one participation, as she collapsed into my arms in the last 50m. This time signed up for the 100m, 200m and the 400m. For some reason, the 200m is the most anticipated, and all parents were on the sidelines. Quinn was all nerves watching her hunch down into position. They waved that flag and my tiny girl led the whole pack of much taller kids. A tone point toward the end a long boy was right at her neck and I screamed down the track as loud as I could "Push it Reilly, go go go! He's right there!" I have never seen such determination on her face. From where I stood, it was a photo finish, but a mom I had spoken to earlier, and whose ears I'm certain I ruptured, looked at me with thumbs up and said, "First!" Rei didn't believe it until we went to the ribbon booth and the guy found her blue ribbon and said loudly, "Reilly Fitzpatrick, first place!" People cheered. I was so proud. Our media card bit the dust so we haven't brought our camera, and my mom tried using her phone, but Rei was just a streak, lol. Anyway, I am so proud of her and just hope that now that's she's tasted first place, she still appreciates ribboning at all.

Reilly hates trainers, always has. We've tried, oh how we've tried. Nada. She prefers punky skate shoes, but mostly flip flops. After her first day at track Todd told her she had to get running shoes or else. And, thanks to the added coup of finding days of the week socks, she is the proud owner/wearer of these very shoes, which led her to the most thrilling victory in documented history.

To my baby girl, I hope you always love rainbows, keep your bed neat, and know that you always come in first with us. Well, in a tie with Quinn of course. Also, if your stuffties get more risque` I will have to banish them, or have the talk. I love you baby, never change.


Mesina said...

Reilly and I would be the bestest buddies I'm sure. When of course she wasn't rolling her eyes at my childish behaviour :) A Scrabble champion whos blossomed into a track, just wow. Is there no end to your kids talents?! They seem so amazing. And as I said about Quinn, I need to hug this girl, she's so sweet and cute...I'm afraid however they'd both end up coming home with me which I'm sure you'd hate! :D

gail said...

love how you did a post for each child, so special to see their personalities and interests. those animals in a 'suggestive' pose had me laughing! and i love all the notes she leaves, precious.

wavybrains said...

Go Reilly! Can you come teach Tavy how to be as totally awesome as you in a few years?

Cheyenne said...

Aw Bethany, you're so sweet. But Tavy is one little chica who needs no help in being cool! That girl knows exactly who she is! My kids would get a kick out of her.

Hennifer said...

These two posts about your motherly love and your lovies' mama adoration are so sweet and perfect! You are raising them well.

Cheyenne said...

Thank you Jennifer, you have no idea how much it means to hear that. And ditto you, by the way!

stone hunter said...

My favorite post ever. But I haven't read Quinn's yet!

Makes me want to blog about them too.
They are so strongly just who they are.

But so are you, Jo.

stone hunter said...

Ok, I have to comment some more. I rocked with laughter in my computer chair at that photo of Rudolf being protected by the horse with the duck-taped ear. OMG! You are so funny.

The picture of Rei's perfectly arranged footwear under her bed immediately brought to mind one of the common themes of drawings you did as a child, a full page carefully detailed picture of the bedrooms of your future children and everything was always clean and organized. The children had names like Peter and Jennifer and NEVER hippie names and you listed their ages including fractions. Like maybe Peter was 6 and three/fourths, and Jennifer was three and a half.
One thing I will also never forget is that their shoes were always placed in very orderly fashion under their beds exactly like Reilly (nine and one-quarter)does. Congratulations!