Tuesday, January 6, 2009

love is thicker than water

So my ma, the fiercest of warriors, and definitely not given to complaining about pain, has been nursing her left side for several weeks, and recently revealed that there is some significant swelling there. I urged the stubborn ox to call her doctor, and was fairly concerned when she did, as she is quite prone to dismiss pains, and doesn't see the need to kick up a fuss over every little thing. But this thing has her worried. So she had some lab work done Friday and was slated to get an ultrasound yesterday morning at 7:45am. In discussing the prep procedure, Mom mentioned she couldn't have water after midnight Sunday night. Upon hearing this, Reilly grew very worried, as her Gia (Gia with a hard G, what Quinn started calling her at six months old) is the original nightowl in our family, and how on earth would she survive without water?

Rei told her papa the news, and he assured her Gia would be fine. She and Quinn talked for an hour about how they hoped my mom would go to sleep early so she wouldn't have to suffer being thirsty. She even called her friend Andrea. Finally, when I could see that tears were emerging, I reminded Rei that when I had my surgery last year, swishing some water in my mouth and spitting it out was surprisingly satisfying. Soon it was time for bed, and my kids were more squirrelly than usual. Rei typically gets up for a drink several times, which I don't mind. I'm just glad my kids are big camels like their mama. Then I noticed that when she came out, at 12:11am, she went to the sink, took a drink, swished it around, and spit it out, without having any idea that I was watching her. My heart almost exploded. She loves her Gia more than words can say, and her precious little act of silent solidarity, it still brings tears to my eyes. She acts tough, but her heart is pure gold, and I am one proud mama today.


Hennifer said...

kids amaze me! They are so magnificent! What a wonderful little woman you have there. I hope the best for your mom.

B Kinch said...

Aw, that Gia-loving girl is the sweetest.

gail said...

what a wonderful connection they share....i hope your mom is ok!