Saturday, January 3, 2009

5 things i am grateful for right now:

1. Healthy, happy children, with whom my greatest challenges are bickering and wardrobe negotiations. (The death of John Travolta's son yesterday really hit home. Life is so fragile, so fleeting, and I cherish every second with my kids, even the hard ones.)

2. Mis amigos. God, I don't know where I'd be without you, especially my Emergency Response Aide and my Christmas Cat.

3. That it is 2009, because while I am generally at ease with my penmanship, I have never, in 31 years, committed to how to make an 8. I vacillate between forward s's, backward s's, and the two-looped snowman 8, but who has the time???

4. President Obama, everyday.

5. The E! Channel (shut up) for hard days. It's like novocaine for my brain, and I know now how obscenely rich each and every celebrity is, and who's had Botox, and most importantly, what they're all naming their kids. (Zuma? Peanut? I guess money doesn't buy brains.)

There are more things for which I give thanks, but Todd's been home for many moons and we're in a silent battle over the thermostat. I like it at 71, and he likes it at 45. He just got up so I have to go get my foil survival poncho, and hope he runs to Starbucks so I can push it up to 71 and thaw out in the shower.


gabrielle said...

teehee! peanut! how about:

6. my witty sense of humour!

gail said...

i agree, but i no longer get the e channel :( i am of the two-looped snowman 8 variety....yes, cherishing time with our kids is definitely #1.

Cheyenne said...

...and 7. your British spelling. (swoon)

(copycat, mew)

THE PHONES said...

I've been thinking a lot about John Travolta's son too. So incredibly sad.