Friday, June 20, 2008

l'ete accoutrements

These are some of the things that signify summer's commencement to me, and things upon which I rely and/or abuse until that last ray of summer sunshine fades into a fabulous new fall, and all its addictions. :)

Friends, I am in crisis with this stuff. I am joining L.A. (limeade anonymous) immediately. I've been known to drink a gallon a day. :(

Old Navy flip flops. I mean, come on, they come in my size AND rainbow colors!

OPI nail polish. The perfect complement to the flip flops:

I suppose C.E.A. is in order as well (circle earrings anonymous):

The uber-essential hair claw:

Mine is much much cuter, all Frenchy with polka dots, but a fatsuit nonetheless:


Starbucks iced tea (or coffee, really). Sometimes four times a day. Always unsweetened:

Better than any dessert known to man...unless it's sour or pithy or otherwise shitty:

Breakfast lunch and dinner:

And of course, just when summer bliss peaks, I have another fucking birthday, and whine and cry and start telling everyone I'm 40.

But if you can grit your teeth through my aging process and all the tears and irrational outbursts, have a great summer!


Anonymous said...

I'm so with you!

Why is it, though, that the Hebrew Natl hot dogs (the best on the planet!!) produce such horrific gas? I've never had such foul smells emit from my mouth. Ugh.

B Kinch said...

3 hebrew nat'l hotdogs a day (one for breakfast, one for lunch, one for dinner)=810 calories, 78 grams of fat.

1 gallon Santa Cruz limeade=1600 calories

Grand Total=2410 calories per day.

Um. Hooray for fruit!

Cheyenne said...

No no no. Hooray for fatsuits!

gail said...

i LOVE limeade and sb iced tea!

Hennifer said...

I love the Santa Cruze stuff, all of it! Why are those bottles so small?

I am in desperate need of polish and someone to paint my toes. Maybe I could start training my son?

I too have a fat suit and I love, love, love it! It is black with while geometric shapes and much betters straps/neckline than the one pictured.

Can I just tell everyone AGAIN how much I adore visual lists?

MAndrew said...

I love all those things too. Got to hand it to those Hebes: They make great dogs. Being blessed by a Rabbi has never tasted so good!

Also, I would wear one of those suits. Perhaps some sexy, yet tasteful boudoir photos of me are in order? Hell yeah they are! For Pamela of course, for her birthday.

Wow, that makes me sound like an ass... aaaaannnnnddd posting.

Cheyenne said...

But which style of hair claw do you prefer?