Sunday, June 8, 2008

Don't let the shitty craftsmanship of this sentiment cheapen its value. I SUCK at! I adore you, and your flippy hair, your shiny clogs, your refusal to take home a cupcake. I love your red glasses, your cheerful 'hey lady' greetings online, and even your uncombed, combat boot-wearing children. I love your enthusiasm, your creativity, and your honesty, but in the reverse order, and I love you loading seventy five bags of reject clothing into your van and whisking them away, and out of our lives forever.

I love your flare for decorating, and your, how shall we say, over-attachment to everything (we are twins in this way so I can be honest). I love that you're nice, without being fake or boring, and I love that you read my blog. Your heart is good, and this is indisputable.

But most of all, I love the indelible image of you dancing alone on that chair, oblivious to the world.

Like I said:


Sam said...

I was a little, uh, confused by this post, until I saw B's lists in Gabrielle's honor.

You two get put in your place for a lack of posts?


gabrielle said...

um....i ADORE you tooooo! :BLUSHING!: wow.... that's all i can say.

Hennifer said...

Yay for loving Gabrielle!

heather said...

I <3 Gabrielle too!!

Jacob Blankenship said...

meh, she's all right.

lol. j/k

she IS great!

mental chatter said...

Back off! She's mine! ;)

She is fab, isn't she?