Tuesday, April 22, 2008

it's always rush hour

Okay, I'm dog-tired, so don't expect to laugh. Or to be impressed. I just wanted to make sure I'm not embellishing all the things I did today. (I do that sometimes.)

*Awoke at 7-something to make cheese-less enchilada casserole for Marionette

*Did three loads of laundry

*Cleaned the kitchen

*Got kids ready to play at Grandma's so Mama could spread herself too thin, as per usual

*Showered with Reilly, which meant froze with very little water, and spent 79 minutes drying her gorgeous hair and was left with 9 seconds to do my own

*Accidentally put on the skin-tight, NON-forgiving jeans, before heading out the door

*Dropped kids off with Barbara, begged/threatened them regarding eating ice cream for breakfast

*Screeched into my 11:00 psych appointment with one second to spare, during which time I worked in a brilliant self-deprecating remark to the receptionist, punctuating my need for therapy...then, endured the session.

*Stopped at Safeway to buy some goodies to go with Marionette's dish

*Got a call from B as I was turning the wrong way into traffic coming out of Safeway, asking me to go back in and buy some ingredients for our lunch...I granted her request. One avocado, pepper, and diet Dr. Pepper later, I was back on the road

*Found Marionette's house, and got a call from her as I pulled in, asking if I happened to still be in the store, lol. Visited the new family

*Drove to B's and had the BEST lunch of my life. What that woman can do with a few veggies and some chicken would blow your mind

*Had an MRI and managed not to gouge out my jugular out of claustrophobic reflex...saw some ducklings born just outside the waiting room, noted their cuteness, while also noting that I am not typically an animal person. Even took pics.

*Drove back to B's to await dinner plans and squeeze in an episode of Six Feet Under with B and A.

*7:00, picked up Heather.

*10:00, dropped Heather off, was told by B that A would not likely be up for more episodes. Pouted.

*Drove home in time to kiss my kids and mediate a dispute about bunk bed right-of-way involving one nighttime reader and one picky sleeper who needs dark.

*Noticed my house is still spotless from last night, knew that I will wake up in such a great mood tomorrow.

*Left some messages for friends, tried to parlay my ridiculous day into a blog.

Any questions?


gabrielle said...

how do you do it?

(that's my question)

much lovelovelove! xoxoxo

Sam said...

Busy Woman!

I won't say, though, that I wouldn't want to be in your place... I think I would trade my yesterday for yours!

But, the catch is, you are always that busy. I couldn't do it.