Tuesday, April 8, 2008

even better than crepes

Ever since Quinn's glorious haircut, he has had has his dad's turtle cap welded to his head, and I have yet to catch a single glimpse of his freshly shorn locks. I've tried to sneak into his room a couple times to peek, but damn if that hat isn't tightly affixed. When I asserted my motherly right to peel it off last night, he bolted upright and pulled it back on, like a reflex, and then burrowed too far down in his blankets for me to chase after him.

Today I finally figured out what currency will buy me a gander at his head: An extended turn on his video game! I highly recommend this, once you've accepted that the Mother of the Year Award will never adorn your mantle.

I just love this kid so much, and am so happy and proud to be his mama, I have to show him off again, now that we can see all of him.

Is it any wonder why I'm so in love?


mental chatter said...

No wonder at all! He is GORGEOUS and super-duper smart. I love the new 'do!

gail said...

quite handsome! we all have our price :)