Sunday, December 12, 2010

PFC Joseph Wilhelm

Afghanistan, APOAE (R):

This baby face does not belong there, doing this. None of them belongs there.

Be grateful for who and what you have this christmas.


Anonymous said...
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Pepper G. said...

God Chey he looks so much like Chris. I am praying for his safety and joyous homecoming. Is he the only one of all your cousins serving?

Love you, Pepper.

Cheyenne said...

He does look like Chris right? The Wilhelm gene is crazy dominant, like you have to marry a Brasilian to get a kid who isn't blonde and blue-eyed. I'll send you recent pics of Chris and Aja too.

Yeah Joe is the only one serving. My uncle David was able to dissuade Matt and Jacob from signing the commitment papers, but Joe is securing money for college. It's hard having him there at christmas time. Blah.

Hennifer said...

Ugh! So hard! I can't get the picture of my brother with a gun out of my head. It just ain't right! Hurry home safely Joseph!