Sunday, August 8, 2010

prince of whales

Our son Jared Alexander, four months, sporting the whale suit his American mama sent him:

Proud Papa, Maurice, with Jared:

This kid is so genetically blessed it's crazy.

Yeah Mes, I promised the kids a trip to The British Isles, and these two gents pretty much sealed it. We may have to smuggle some of them home, however. Reilly will go nuts for Baby J, and Quinn will try to blend in and pretend he was there all along. You have enough kids you won't notice. He wants to go to school in Maidstone with Tahira and Griffin. Kthanks.♥


Mesina said...

ok wait...You've promised them a trip here?!? WHOOOOZAAHHH!!!! YAY! Just tell me when and where honey! Second...the deal is, I keep Quinn AND Jared. They would be a matching pair see. You can't keep the baby or smuggle him home but I can SOOO keep Quinn. What it's fair!!
Love the post, Prince of Whales, I love it!!! xxx

Cheyenne said...

Um, leggo my kid thief! What is you, the hot old lady who lived in the shoe, you gotta have my kids too? I think a likelier scenario is that we'd all stay because I sure as hell am not making two 13 hour flights, good God. Will I have to marry you to acquire citizenship, 'cause I totally will. Back off Maurice, I'll fight you!

So many kisses, so soon. xoxo