Tuesday, August 24, 2010

less than 3 less than 3!

All in one breath:

Heavenly blackberries from Melanie, intended for a cobbler, but were instead eaten in handfuls by me, bwahaha!

From Gail, who always sends the most amazing books ever. (I cheated and started it before finishing my other 56--oops!)

The very rod of rainbow candles I had coveted days earlier at World Market and discouraged from buying. And the glass votives! Rainbow-rama!


JABON!!! And more Mason jars to satisfy my fix:

From my sweetest tween, a love we share, most of which I'm certain he'll use, lol:

A bag of perfection for mind, body, and soul, from my beloved Dyan. Hurry back to Oregon lady. "Red makes the world happen!" Words to live by:

A glimpse of the outpouring from my honey girl. Starbucks gift card, candy, and the most beautiful earrings in the world. Not to mention the surprise party to beat all surprise parties:

My love affair with these tights shall continue, as will my collection of Tree Hut lotion. Seriously, there was no end to the generosity nor perfection of selections:

I got Reilly one of these for her birthday, and have been secretly/openly jealous. Obviously Debe got sick of my whining. Plus a pinch of being the most thoughtful person ever. Thanks jerkface:

What.a.wonderful.day. Truly madly deeply. Everyone ignored my pleas to downplay this whole aging bullshit, and ulitmately my greatest gift was the superior company around me. Not to mention:

-My candy from Rei...back off!
-My overflowing bag of clothes from Old Navy, and copious gift cards from mi madre. <3
-My stunning camera case!
-My subscription to Psychology Today!!!
-My vegan cookbook from Dyan, who had better hurry back to OR to cook me something rad.
-Hand made cards, cash, so many well wishes, and telephone calls from my most treasured people.
-Todd wearing a party hat!

32 taught me in technicolor what I don't want in life, and 33 has been awash in everything I do.

Next year the tandem bicycle for SURE! xoxo


Karinda said...

Dang. You are totally spoiled. This rocks. I don't remember birthdays like this since grade school. Hope you had a blast! :)

owlishly said...

I am totally jealous of your camera you selfish jerk. Also, thanks for the candy. I ate all your sour shit while you weren't looking. It's okay though, Reilly made me do it. Pinch and everything...

Hennifer said...

OMG! The stash! What a lovely visible outpouring of the love in your life. Those rainbow candles are wickedly appetizing

stone hunter said...

33 is such a great number! and it doesn't make me feel old like when I think of Sky pushing 38 which is for all practical purposes 40.

Man, you did score-and of all your friends and admirers not a loser twit in the bunch! MUCH better than last year...

Hope you have the most wonderful year ever.

Love Mom

Dawna said...

OMG, OMG, O. M. G.! i am SOOOOO jealous!!! I can;t remember the last time I had a birthday outpouring like that! <3

gail said...

look at all that love! what a special day :)