Monday, May 24, 2010

a ballot in the wrong hand is worth two lost to bush

My cousins Joseph and Jacob are being deployed to Afghanistan. I talked to Jacob last night. I didn't even know he'd enlisted. Ground Infantry. June 1st. Two of four brothers, my favourite cousins, my babies before I had babies. I was always carrying at least three of them, and Todd picked up the slack. I can still see their baby faces. I am sad, and scared. They joined for more money for college. They're both wicked smart. And they'd better stay wicked safe.

Jacob (L) and Joseph (R):

I used to hold him and kiss him to sleep before he was even one, when he called himself "Jofus":

Thanks Bush. Why didn't you send your kids? I'd admonish you to join but you would fail the ASVAB you (@*$*$&%%(*^#.


Mesina said...

OMG! Cheyenne, I so hope they stay safe. Joining for more money for college? What they will go through for a better future.... but I am certain they will succeed.

Bush is a bastard.

Cheyenne said...

Yeah, this means war. Is it a crime to make a threat over there? This just makes me sick. My aunt and uncle worked their asses off to give all four of their boys the best of everything, including money for college. I am sick thinking about how much they cherish these kids, and how they'll manage, knowing they're in harm's way. :(