Tuesday, April 27, 2010

make mine a double

Remaining photography by Reilly (who has NOT put it down):

Already mastering the settings:

I think her camera is better than the new one we just bought:

Franklin comes to McGrath's:

You will always be my baby Baby. xoxo


owlishly said...

happy birthday to my pint-sized buddy! <3

Hennifer said...

What a great age! You have fabulous children!

Pepper G. said...

You always go all out for your kids' birthdays, and they will remember that.

I cannot believe she is 10, except she has seemed 10 for a long time, lol.

So pretty, have fun dodging that camera! :p

Love ya.

gail said...

a special day for a beautiful, special girl :) and new cameras are the BEST!

Susannah said...

i know i'm really late, but happy birthday, rei!