Tuesday, April 13, 2010

jared alexander van antwerpen

It's a lot to say, but so totally worth it. Check out this splendid little chap, and with first-time Papa, Maurice:

You make perfect babies Mesina, I am in love all over again. Getting you pregnant was one of the best things I did last summer!


gail said...

he's perfect! congrats mesina and maurice!

owlishly said...

congrats to mesina and family! that is one cute baby. i could eat his cheeks for days. oops, is that unsafe?

Cheyenne said...

It's okay, everyone knows you're under my infamous spell, and can neither think nor speak for yourself, let alone nibble this baby. However, I will take up the issue of dibs with you, because they are most assuredly mine, as you well know.


Hennifer said...

What a lovely, lovely baby! Congrats family!

Mesina said...

I totally left a comment when you posted this orginally, and it went up for Moderation but omg it's not here! (honest!)

but THANK YOU to everyone! We just love Jared, he's been such a good baby - so lovely and chilled. omg he is ADORABLE.

Thanks for your well wishes and how sweet of you to post about him! xxx ♥