Sunday, April 19, 2009

when the cat's away, the mice cook their own damned lunch

Obviously I don't cook or I wouldn't be beaming like a Kindergartener holding up a finger paint masterpiece. But I made my own lunch today, all allergy-friendly, even using the zucchini Todd was certain would go to waste, like most other things I ask him to buy. Bean burrito in an uncooked tortilla, five shreds of cheese, salsa, and avocado, with the aforementioned zucchini on the side. The real coup though? I did this while home alone! As most of you know, this is typically a recipe for mental disaster, but today, it was a recipe for burritos:


Hennifer said...

You GO girl!!! Yeah for overcoming 2 odds in one shot

B Kinch said...

Whoo hooo! Look at that :) Way to go C!

adam said...

"A recipe for burritos"Hee hee. Great line!