Monday, December 29, 2008

gab, meet the twins:

I knew you were on the brink of violence about not seeing the ottomans, so this pic is just for you. And the seven other people who were disappointed by my egregious oversight in not posting pics in my christmas blog. My mom got me the first one, and then I had to buy another one because one seemed terribly unbalanced, and everyone was using it, and because I'm excessive.

Impressive right? You needn't point out that they don't match the glorious turquoise, wanna-be-mod throw pillows which I now loathe because turquoise sucks, and belongs in New Mexico. I already know.


gabrielle said...

mmmmm red! mmmmm pictures just for me! mmmmmm mmmmm! tasty ottomans!

thanks chey!

Cheyenne said...

Well honey, they're not for eating, but you may rest your gams on them anytime.


THE PHONES said...

lovely. i really like your pillows too - i am pillow and curtain challenged so am always looking for something better than what we have. yay for red - i have a over sized red chair (that fyi is completely covered in stains, toddler fingerprints and god knows what else)

Jacob Blankenship said...

nice! do they have storage inside?

Cheyenne said...

Why yes they do, but the little inserts are designs to hold freaking video games!?! Because women need so much room for their games? Because neanderthal gaming men like red ottomans?

Yeah I don't know.