Monday, May 26, 2008

help me

Okay this is really going to take some scraping of those pre-parenthood brain cells. You know, the ones who occupy that microscopic recess in the cob-webbed corner of your brain, hoping to be liberated some day, and burst forth with the vast knowledge they hold?

Yes those.

I'm about to call the mental hospital because I cannot remember a term from my political science class a couple years ago. It was two words, the second being rejoinder. I just can't conjure up the first word. I seems like it was at least three syllables, and my brain keeps leaning towards a c-word, but I'm not sure. The term is borne of a particular aspect of international relations, if that helps.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone know this word! I have read two textbook glossaries this morning (over 100 pages), and scoured the internet, which appears to be barren of variations of rejoinders. I pray to God I will not be forced to retake these classes at CCC, for reasons that most of you know. (He is not 87 Brandy!)

I only choose brilliant friends, so I expect a call soon!

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